Visualizing all the information generated from a company's supply chain is the dream of many...

... and now
We can make it happen.


The operational synapse of companies

How can CFDConnect help my company?

Providing Visualization and Total Control over the information generated from the supply chain from a single platform.

Digital Fiscal Documents through Internet (CFDIs).

Integration of the processes of issuing, sending, receiving, validating, processing and storing tax receipts.

Full display of the operation.

Interactive communication with customers and suppliers.

Generate documents with customized formats, addenda and interactive communication mechanisms with customers and suppliers.

Efficient decision making.

XML Document Transformation

Classification and transformation of documents into XML with its respective verification process.

Achieving maximum versatility.

Accounting documents required by the authority.

Generation of documents required by the authority through electronic means.

Reducing tax risks.

Management that streamlines results