Is there a policy that protects my company from problems with the tax authorities?

It is now possible to shield companies from fines and requirements from the authorities.



Tax insurance that protects the financial assets of companies.

How does it work



1. Policy activation.

Flexible conditions with annual or monthly payment schemes.

2. Diagnostic Audit.

Comparison of the data found in the accounting books with the data obtained by the authority to learn the fiscal situation of the company.

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3. Elaboration of the action plan.

Taking concrete steps to prevent or meet possible requirements by the authority in the future.

4. Support from specialists.

Providing a timely response to the requirements of the authority and to proceed to the pertinent negotiations in tax law if necessary.

The authority is more attentive than ever to the activity of companies.

Prevention is a smart decision for organizations seeking to shield their assets from unexpected requirements and fines from the authorities.

Launch offer: We provide annual protection at the price of 10 months of service. For more information, please contact us.

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